In a constantly evolving world, trends play a significant role in shaping actions that can capture consumer attention. Understanding that a strategy must have a clear direction makes us pay special attention to what the world wants to see, use, and buy. Let’s take a look at the trends that are gaining momentum for this season:


The world has reinvented itself, and now value is perceived differently, with minimalism taking over the aesthetic. Minimalism refers to a return to the essential, where less is used but the value is more.

Beyond aesthetics

In the packaging market, in response to high production costs and the need to reduce environmental impact, there is a trend towards minimalism in the design of new proposals. This trend prioritizes functionality, waste reduction, and CO2 emissions.

As environmental awareness increases, minimalism in the packaging market will gain more ground. Brands that adopt it, committing to the planet and aligning with consumer trends, will thrive.

Achieving minimalist packaging

Space and material optimization: This involves using lightweight yet durable materials, which not only reduce production costs but also minimize waste and CO2 emissions associated with transportation and manufacturing. For example, the use of recyclable or biodegradable materials perfectly aligns with minimalism by reducing the environmental footprint of packaging.

Functionality and user experience: One must consider the user experience from start to finish (not just during the product’s lifespan). Packaging that is easy to open, clean, and store will be easier to recycle or dispose of properly.


It’s not about how long you’re seen but how long you’re remembered. This trend speaks to innovation through shapes as a brand recall strategy. Unique geometric designs, textures, and patterns that captivate consumer attention are now essential, becoming one of the infallible tactics for communicating essence and identity.
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Differentiated packaging: a team effort
When adapting this trend to a brand’s new launches, it is crucial to unite three fundamental pillars: – –  functionality, aesthetics, and authenticity.

– Functionality ensures that the product meets the customer’s needs efficiently.
– Aesthetics create an attractive and memorable visual experience.
– Authenticity ensures that the brand stands out as unique and genuine in the market.

Differentiation through shapes is a foolproof strategy for standing out in a saturated market. By combining functionality, aesthetics, and authenticity, brands can launch products that not only stand out visually but also generate an emotional connection and lasting recall in the consumer’s mind.


When looking for graphic resources, typography is a safe harbor. This year, we see a trend towards bold, eye-catching, and legible typography that effectively communicates the brand’s essence. Such applications must be carefully considered and applied since they will convey all the information about the product and the packaging.

The art of communication without overwhelming: This is a trend that many will identify with, as it is an accurate way to create hierarchies in messages, communicate without overwhelming, and create brand recall through a unique and clear identity.

A decorative and functional element: When applying bold typography in packaging design, it is crucial to consider coherence with the brand identity and the information to be conveyed. Typography should be legible even in small sizes, ensuring that all product and packaging information is easily understandable to the consumer.


This trend is becoming increasingly strong. Now, personalization is as important as the product itself. Brands are inclined to use superior quality materials to elevate the user experience, conveying exclusivity and importance to each person who uses them.

Now, luxury doesn’t look or feel ostentatious; it feels and looks unique, exclusive, valuable. Therefore, the challenge for brands is to convey the luxury they want to be identified with through the choice of materials and personalized designs.

Material selection: A key point to achieve premium packaging

It is crucial to use high-quality materials that convey exclusivity and value. Additionally, these materials must allow versatility in designs to achieve differential shapes that convey elegance.

Two examples of ideal materials for achieving premium packaging:

– Surlyn – The material of the moment: This thermoplastic polymer offers a unique combination of clarity, strength, and flexibility, making it an ideal option for luxury packaging. Surlyn is known for its ability to create transparent and glossy packaging, enhancing the appearance of the product inside. Additionally, its scratch resistance and durability make it perfect for protecting high-value products.

– PETG (glycolized polyethylene terephthalate): This material combines the transparency of glass with the lightweight and strength of plastic, making it a versatile option for a wide range of packaging applications. PETG is highly resistant to impacts, making it ideal for packaging that needs to withstand rigorous transportation and handling conditions. Additionally, its ability to be molded into complex shapes allows for the creation of customized and visually striking packaging.

SENSORY EXPERIENCES: Packaging that activates the senses

This year we see a trend in innovative packaging that is capable of impacting the customer’s sense of smell, sight, touch, and hearing, exploring textures, scratch-and-sniff labels, sounds, etc. All experiences that immerse the consumer in different worlds will be remembered forever.

Here are some trending finishes to create a differential experience through the senses:

– Soft touch: Offers a soft and velvety surface that invites touch, creating a sense of luxury and comfort. On the other hand, rough or striated finishes provide a rougher and tactile texture which can evoke feelings of rusticity or authenticity.

– Frosted: Creates a matte and blurred appearance, another technique used to add visual and tactile interest to packaging. This subtle texture adds a touch of elegance and sophistication while allowing colors and designs to stand out uniquely.

– High and low relief: Relief finishes, both high and low, are gaining popularity for their ability to add dimension and depth to packaging. Relief can be used to highlight logos, images, or patterns, creating visual and tactile effects that capture the consumer’s attention.

– Metallics: The strategic use of metallic finishes is also on the rise, adding a shine and luminosity that attracts attention and creates a striking visual effect.

In summary, the trend towards sensory engagement in packaging is transforming how brands interact with consumers. Every detail is designed to evoke emotions and create a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression on the customer’s mind.


Hypercontrast takes over the face of brand new proposals which aim to combine vibrant colors, bold typography, and elements that create a striking and unique universe. People are beginning to see packaging as an indulgence they no longer want to hide, an element that can be seen, shown, and admired.

How to achieve it?
Combination of intense colors, bold typography, and visual elements that create a visually striking and unique universe.

360° labels
Variety of colors between lid and container
Brands are leveraging hypercontrast to stand out on shelves and capture the consumer’s attention immediately.


Pastel colors will always be a safe bet, but this time they come with saturation that gives packaging good contrast, making it both avant-garde and subtle.

This trend sets a precedent in a minimalist world that focuses on flat white and black colors, inviting a different perspective toward a world where luxury is shown with colors.

While pastel colors have always been a safe bet for their softness and elegance, this time they come with saturation that gives them good contrast, making the packaging both avant-garde and subtle. It invites exploration of a more colorful and luxurious approach where saturated pastel colors become a way to express sophistication and style.


Less is more. For this trend, we see a push towards simple and clear graphics with defined lines, offering an eye-catching experience to the consumer. To adopt this trend in new packaging designs, it is important to have a clear essence as the elements to be used must be chosen carefully.

There are experts who say that good design is simple, so this trend represents a challenge but also an opportunity to stand out in the market.

The challenge of simplicity

When adopting this trend in new packaging designs, it is crucial to have a clear and defined essence. This involves carefully selecting the elements to be used, focusing on the simplicity and effectiveness of the message to be conveyed.
Quality and precision play a crucial role in these designs. Since the consumer’s attention will be focused on a few elements, these elements must be executed very well to truly impact.


Texture games, transparencies, and colors dominate the 2024 trends. A good choice is enough to launch an unforgettable product into the market.
How to achieve it?
Transparent and semi-opaque packaging: An effect achieved through finishes like soft touch.

Seeing the contents of the packaging: A key concept. Increasing the visual interaction the consumer has with the product. Seeing what’s behind the packaging helps captivate and connect in a deeper way.

Graphics that complement the experience: In this trend, coherence between the packaging material, label graphics, and the product contained is crucial. A consistent experience is sought.

This concludes our journey through the trends we’ll see in the packaging market in 2024, an important roadmap when making decisions to communicate, stand out, and leave a mark.

At Amfora Packaging, we make decisions based on innovation and trends. This means:

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