INTECPLAST and ACOREP join for the environment


INTECPLAST is part of the Environmental Management Plan for Container and Packaging Waste of the Colombian Industry.

Today at INTECPLAST we are responsible for the use of packaging material within the framework of the Extended Producer Responsibility Law.

To comply with Colombian regulations, specifically with Resolution 1407 of 2018 – Resolution 1342 of 2020, we are associated with the Collective Management Plan led by Acoplásticos – ACOREP, in which production, processing and management companies are linked.

“The plan developed by ACOREP has been very well received with excellent results throughout its history, since in 2020 alone, close to 140% of the total use goal was certified according to the plans established with the National Environmental Licensing Authority (ANLA), this great result was due to the work carried out by the processing companies linked to the plan, who are present throughout the national territory”.

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