The sustainable future is now! We are certified 100% Carbon Neutral


We produce plastic packaging with Carbon Neutral certification.

At INTECPLAST S.A.S., we are aware of the social and environmental responsibility of our economic activity, which is why we have detailed policies and strict procedures for the production of our products. As always, our motivation is the protection of the environment along with the development of the community.

We know that being multipliers and contributing to the mitigation of climate change strengthens our organization by demonstrating that plastic is friendly to the environment. That is why we are proud to be pioneers in the market for the manufacture of rigid plastic packaging with Carbon Neutral certification.

We have achieved this through the quantification of Greenhouse Gas emission inventories, adopting a compensation policy under initiatives aimed at the conservation of forests and mangroves, hand in hand with the protection of the environment, regulatory compliance, and the participation in Circular Economy programs, equipment renewal, and sustainable practices within the processes; involving the different links of the chain, within the organization with the sole purpose of preserving our planet.

Our goal is to maintain carbon neutrality through offsetting and additionally reduce GHG Emissions by 20% by 2025.

All this because at INTECPLAST we care about you and the environment.