ReVel: The Candle Jar You’ve Been Looking For, Discover Its Benefits


Are you looking for candle jars? Learn how we developed ReVel and overcame the obstacles in creating our new line of candle jars. Here at Amfora Packaging, we have the solution. We have launched our unique brand of candle jars, called ReVel.

You’ll love ReVel, a candle jar made of polycarbonate that is fully customizable, with a refill system, and environmentally sustainable.

Do you want to know all the virtues and benefits you get from using our ReVel jars? Here are some of them:

With ReVel, you won’t get burned by the candle jar.

Have you ever tried to pick up a lit candle in a glass container? If so, you’ve surely felt the heat of the container in your hands and even experienced it burning your skin.

With ReVel, the problem of not being able to hold the lit candle is over. Thanks to our polycarbonate jar and its physical characteristics, the heat transferred from the candle to the container walls is minimal. You can hold the container in your hand, keep the candle lit, and you won’t feel the heat generated by the candle on the container walls.

Producing a ReVel container requires less energy than a glass container.
If you’re looking for sustainable candle jars, ReVel is the right choice. A ReVel candle jar consumes less transformation energy compared to a glass container. What does this mean? During the production of ReVel, we use less heat and time in the resin production compared to a glass jar. This way, we contribute to conserving natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint during container production.

ReVel is lightweight.

The jar is made of a lightweight polycarbonate resin. Its transport and packaging are easy. This reduces transportation costs and tariffs, resulting from lower gas consumption.

ReVel is impact resistant.

ReVel is a candle container that can withstand impacts. Drop it, and it won’t break. We don’t recommend performing this test with a glass container as it will shatter. With ReVel, you offer safety because if it falls to the floor, both the container and the candle can remain intact.

ReVel is a sustainable container.

ReVel is designed to be as sustainable as possible. Polycarbonate is a durable material, which means you won’t have to replace the container as frequently.

ReVel has a refill system, which means you can reuse the container again and again. By using the refill system, you reduce the amount of waste generated by disposable candle jars.

When the candle is finished, you can use the jar to add a new candle, plant a plant, store objects, make a flower vase, and more.


ReVel is customizable.

ReVel is fully customizable, meaning you can personalize it to suit your needs. You can choose from a variety of colors to create a unique container that reflects your style.

In other words, ReVel can be painted, metalized, screen printed, or labeled according to your desires. It’s just a matter of choosing how you want to customize the container, and in the end, with ReVel, you’ll get customized candles.

Innovate with REVEL

In summary, ReVel is a customizable polycarbonate candle jar, with a refill system, and it’s sustainable. If you’re a candle lover and care about the environment, you should definitely consider ReVel as your next choice for candle jars. What are you waiting for to try them?

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