Top 5 Packaging Design Trends

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The visual presentation of packaging plays a pivotal role in grabbing consumers’ attention and conveying a brand’s identity. Packaging design has evolved over the years due to factors like climate change, new technologies such as AI, cultural shifts, and influences like pop culture and global economic pressures.

At Amfora Packaging, we specialize in designing, developing, and manufacturing packaging. We firmly believe in staying attuned to and adapting packaging design trends to a brand’s identity, ensuring that any packaging design aligns with the desired values and messages. That’s why we’re keen on highlighting some of the trends:

1. Sustainable Materials

As consumer concern for the environment grows and responsible consumption gains traction, brands are increasingly turning towards sustainability to reduce their ecological impact. The trend leans towards recycled or biodegradable materials, emphasizing the natural and organic aspects of packaging.

Designs highlighting eco-responsibility and environmental conservation messages have become highly popular. Amfora Packaging has been incorporating various sustainable technologies and resins, such as co-extruded packaging with PCR material, FDA-approved PP, PEAD, and PET PCR, copolymers with 30% and 50% PCR, biobased resins like sugarcane-derived Green PEAD, and materials sourced 100% from ocean collection.

Natura Packaging

At Amfora, we successfully produced Colombia’s first sustainable packaging using resin made from sugarcane. This allowed the customer to cut costs and achieve sustainability goals aligned with their brand

2. Textured Packaging

In 2023, textured packaging is a creative and effective strategy to stand out in the market and create memorable consumer experiences. Techniques like debossing, embossing, die-cutting, and foil printing are becoming increasingly popular.

Adding textures to packaging creates a tactile and sensory experience for consumers. Textured packaging helps products visually stand out on shelves, reinforces brand identity and positioning, and triggers specific sensory associations. For example, a smooth and silky texture could suggest product delicacy or a pleasant experience to consumers.

Liberatta Fragrance Cap and Shoulder

The key for this year is for us to not only focus on sight but also on other senses. Soon, we will reveal a major project we developed for the USA, and we’re confident you’ll be captivated.

3.  Personalization of Packaging

Personalizing packaging, whether by adding individual names or allowing consumers to add their personal touch, is becoming more common. This deeper connection with consumers makes them feel valued and individually catered to, fostering greater satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Personalized packaging can be a powerful strategy in 2023 to enhance the brand-consumer relationship, generate loyalty, and differentiate in a competitive market. It’s crucial to balance personalization with production efficiency and available resources.

Embossed Cap with C4 Logo

Creating this mold was a significant challenge due to its large size and intricate details. We acquired laser engraving equipment to manufacture the graphite electrodes for the mold.

4. “Maxi Illustrations”

Maxi illustrations are a packaging design trend characterized by the use of extensive and detailed illustrations that cover a significant portion or the entirety of the packaging surface. These illustrations are often colorful, and eye-catching, and frequently tell a visual story related to the product or brand.

A clear example of this is creating illustrations related to the product’s ingredients. This is a visually appealing and effective strategy that aims to communicate the key components or main ingredients of a product clearly and directly through graphic representations.

Ingredient illustrations allow consumers to quickly understand which components are used in a product. By visually displaying the ingredients, transparency, and trust in the brand are promoted.

Well-designed and creatively crafted graphic representations can capture consumers’ attention and stand out on shelves, especially when vibrant colors and unique illustration styles are used.

Ingredient illustrations can convey the notion of freshness and authenticity in products. Displaying images of natural, organic, or high-quality ingredients reinforces the perception that the product is made from high-quality components and distinguishes it from those with artificial or processed ingredients.

It’s important to maintain a balance between aesthetics and clarity when using ingredient illustrations. The illustrations should be comprehensible and not confuse consumers about which ingredients are being used.

The use of enveloping patterns or figures is also a part of the trend in maxi illustrations. These patterns, which cover the entire surface of the packaging, provide a dynamic and eye-catching appearance that captures consumers’ attention.

By covering the entire surface with a continuous and repetitive design, a strong visual impact is created that helps stand out on shelves. Additionally, they’re an excellent way to differentiate from the competition; packaging with a unique enveloping pattern can easily stand out and be remembered.

This trend can be applied to a wide range of products and categories. Enveloping patterns can adapt to different shapes and sizes of packaging, making them versatile in terms of design. Moreover, they can be used in both consumer goods and personal care, home, food, and other products.

The trend of maxi illustrations fits well with different types of packaging, such as bottles, cans, boxes, and bags, making it versatile and applicable to various industries and products. Designs are often creative and artistic, inspiring and generating interest among consumers who appreciate art and visual design. Thanks to this, brands can find value in the artistic expression and visual storytelling that maxi illustrations offer.

At Amfora, we’re passionate about assisting clients with packaging design.

If you’re interested in implementing the latest trends in your packaging, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to advise you on your packaging designs

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